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It works, of course, across a variety of Web and mobile operating systems.Japan-based Line, a Naver company, is used by 8% of millennials, and is thought to be the originator of the sticker craze in mobile messaging.

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Though Facebook Messenger and Whats App, which Facebook acquired last year, have accumulated the largest millennial followings, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for the world's largest social network.

Millennials' usage of Facebook proper is falling, according to the report.

Though the product seemingly smacks of Twitter (TWTR) , chief executive Talmon Marco told Chinese messaging sensation We Chat, owned by Chinese Internet and media juggernaut Tencent, ranks as the fifth most popular messaging app with millennials, reaching 9% of people ages 17 to 31 around the world, when excluding China.

But in China, 60% of youngsters in this age group turn to We Chat to get their mobile messaging fix.

Consider this proof that Facebook still has a lock on young people's attention, something advertisers and investors like to hear, even if this group is not necessarily using the social network as a whole.

In total, Facebook Messenger has a monthly audience of more than 500 million people.

Though most popular in Asian markets such as Japan, Thailand and Taiwan, Line has been advertising aggressively in the U. Snapchat, the popular photo and video-sharing app where messages disappear, is tied with Line in reaching 8% of millennials around the globe. As such, the company has drawn the attention of top-tier venture capitalists and potential buyers, including Facebook, which reportedly bid billion to snatch up Snapchat.

The percentage may seem markedly low considering that it has a reputation for being most popular with young people and has a reported monthly audience of 100 million people. A little more than a year later, Snapchat is said to be worth more than billion on the private market following the raising of 5.63 million.

"The reason we wanted to do this is because we really believe this is a better experience," CEO Mark Zuckerberg told users during a public question-and-answer session in November. The app is actually now more popular than SMS, handling more than 30 billion messages a day compared to the global SMS (short message service) system, which sees more than 20 billion messages per day. Whats App is currently testing a voice calling feature and eventually will allow its users to make and receive Internet phone calls, which could, especially for the millennial crowd, obviate the need for other apps such as Microsoft's (MSFT) Skype.


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