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Most of the holdings of the Beinecke Library in printed materials are described in Orbis, the online catalogue of Yale University Library.

Early manuscripts and modern archives are described in detailed finding aids available via the internet.

At full capacity, the total expected student population is 1,000 students.

Incoming student Boden Franklin, brother of Anne Caroline (Kei) Franklin who recently graduated, shared, “Kei’s experience at Yale-NUS College had an immense impact on both my choice to attend and my perception of the College.

I was encouraged by Kei’s transformative experience at Yale-NUS and even before applying, I was able to see the college through my sister’s eyes.

Yale-NUS Director of Admissions, Laura Severin, says, “We are thrilled that students who have pursued excellence in a great variety of fields, while attaining impressive academic results, have found our innovative liberal arts curriculum and residential experience to be the right fit for them.

The drive and passion for learning that we have seen in the incoming class, combined with their diverse skills and experiences, will enrich the lively exchanges of ideas in the Yale-NUS community of learning.

45 nationalities are represented in the Class of 2021.

Singaporeans continue to make up the largest pool of students in this year’s intake, hailing from 28 schools across Singapore.We believe their experience at Yale-NUS will enable them to hone their skills at overcoming challenges in today’s ever-changing environment, and to be intellectually curious while having a deep sense of social responsibility.” Some members of the new class have decided to enrol, following the footsteps of their siblings who have earlier joined Yale-NUS.At the end of the research period, fellows are also asked to provide a brief statement indicating how this fellowship support was used to accomplish research goals.Successful applicants normally explain in extensive and specific detail the relationship of the Beinecke collections to their project.Once an application or letter of reference has been submitted, the Beinecke will not accept a revision.


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