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Working as a team we have Brenda’s pictures up, in no time at all.While I’m packing up my toolbox I’m invited to dinner.

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My mind makes, a probably incorrect, assumption about a thirty something, still living at home with her parents, “virgin, Jesus freak.” The conversation is light, focusing mostly on our backgrounds and history, parents, jobs, vacations, that sort of stuff. Brenda, who is sitting across from me, has placed the top of her foot against my calf muscle and is ever so slightly moving it up and down. Before I can finish that thought I’m interrupted, “I’ve got an early shift tomorrow, so I’m kicking you out.” Disappointed, I get up from the couch.

Every once in a while our eyes meet and she gives me the slightest of smiles. I however do realize that because I live across the hall, this interruption is minor and we’ll be able to pick this up soon.

Stupid brain, a gorgeous woman stands before you and you think about why she’s not dressed for box moving. ” Hoping the staring went unnoticed, I extend my hand. And before my mind wanders again I continue the conversation. Knock on my door if there’s anything I can do.” “I will.” With that, she strode off.

Suddenly I snap back into reality and realize that I might have been standing there like an idiot. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve this, but I must have some good karma. You know, girl power and all that.” “Absolutely, have at it. I’m at home tomorrow, knock when you’re done.” “Thank you so much.“ “No problem.” We wish each other a good night and I beat a retreat.

The apartments in my building are on the small side, not really suited for couples, so there’s a good chance the knockout is single. Thinking I’ll never be that lucky, I walk over and open it. The next morning, coming home from a run, I see that the door to my new neighbors apartment is open. Nothing major but a definite indicator that something’s wrong. ” “Yes, come in.” Upon entering I’m greeted not only by my new neighbor, but by what I’m assuming is a friend. Messy brown hair, thick rimmed glasses and build more, let say sturdy.

My heart skips a beat as standing there is the result of my, apparently great karma. Sorry to disturb you, but would you happen to have a hammer I could borrow? ” Smiling she replies, “no I want to hang some pictures on the wall.” “With a hammer? ” “It’s in the basement, I’ll get it for you.” I grab my keys and tell her that I’ll be right back. There’s a long black sofa that wraps into a corner, some designer coffee table and a small dinner table that would seat four. “The sweaty workmen did their jobs well, I see.” “Ah yes, their where very helpful.” “I see. Not ugly, but if you would have to use a word I guess, frumpy would be it.

” I look at the wall and see several holes but not any of them deep enough to fit a plug.

“Your drill doesn’t seem to work on this wall,” Nicole says. ” I extend my hand to Nicole who is holding the drill.

” Fuck, I missed her entire story, so the best I can manage is, “huh? While fantasizing about her mouth around my cock or her tits bouncing while she rides me, I help myself until, cum bursts from me and onto my shirt. We spend most evenings at either her place, or mine. There is however an obstacle to this going further and that’s Nicole. I understand why and I don’t blame or resent her for it. During the course of a few weeks, bits of information spill out.

” “What do you think about the absence of faith in our culture? This breaks up dinner and Nicole informs us she’s going home. When it’s just the two of us, I offer to help out with the dishes. After dumping a load in the washing machine I head off to bed. Her overbearing and controlling father, who disapproves of everything she does.

Before my brain can register every detail of her, it tells me that she looks a bit overdressed for moving day. It’s nice, you picked a good place to live.” “Good to know. ” “You’re replacing the one we all didn’t like, so yes.” “I’ll try to be an improvement then.

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