Whos dating keanu reeves

His mother was divorced too often and also she took up various professions.Keanu Reeves has one sister, who was diagnosed with cancer and died later.

Whos dating keanu reeves

Reeves has never been married but he did have his share of affairs with women.

In 1999, Reeves was dating Jennifer Symes, who gave birth to a still born daughter and later in 2001, Symes lost her life in a car accident.

After that Reeves never attempted marriage again and he still is not known for dating anyone.

In spite of his high profile life and a great career, Keanu Reeves has been very unlucky in his personal life.

However, due to various setbacks and obstacles (such as actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Rachel Mc Adams departing), by early 2015, Sony Pictures bought the rights and Chris Pratt was brought on board instead.

Fortunately for I think what Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence did with that was really amazing. [Laurence Fishburne] is in that, and he did an amazing turn. I was really happy that my producing partner --- Stephen Hamel; he developed that script --- and Jon Spaihts, the writer [had their movie made]. I'm just happy that beautiful story got told by such wonderful people.

costar, Laurence Fishburne briefly appeared in the movie.

Fishburne was one of only four other actors besides Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence who had meaningful roles in the movie, the others being Michael Sheen, Andy Garcia and Aurora Perrineau.

looking somewhat similar, minus the enhanced CGI effects.


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