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By Sino Majangaza It was a joyous celebration for one member of South Africa’s most famous gospel choir, Joyous Celebration, when she tied the knot at the weekend.

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“She is the same designer who designed the wedding dress for Kim Kardashian. Nkantsu and Msomi go to the same church, Assemblies of God, and that is where they met.

“I used to see him and I never thought he would be my husband one day.

At least it's doesn't seem too bad since the hashtag is about stopping the hate.

To Guan Xiaotong's credit, she may not be as big a star, but she's always carried herself well and comes across as smart and charismatic.

The visually beautiful and often poetic script can give the learner a useful insight into the Chinese mind.

But be prepared for a long learning journey as you’ll need to memorise over 2,000 characters to read a Chinese newspaper!

“She (Asanda) showed me three dresses to choose from, but I did not really like them, and she designed another one and I loved it,” she said.

The afternoon dress was designed by popular New York City designer Vera Wang.

Shikumen houses are two or three-story townhouses, with the front yard protected by a high brick wall.


  1. Profile Updates : Virtual Dating Assistants realized that there was a correlation between updating client profiles and receiving unsolicited winks and emails.

  2. Melinda had to think two times before giving bad marks to her students. They used a picklock to get into her flat and started waiting for their victim.

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