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They met again at the same place and Mandoza tried again.

The first thing that attracted Lloyd to Janice was her legs.

They became friends for two years before Lloyd coughed up enough courage to ask her out.

“We are meeting with Tumi and Warras tomorrow to discuss the matter and I am unfortunately not at liberty to discuss what the complaint is about exactly as to protect the right to privacy of the complainant and I cannot say whether or not we support the radio hosts,” she continued.

Justine then confirmed that 5FM will soon circulate a press release once the matter has been dealt with accordingly.

Jessica is a fashion designer and these two met on the set of the film A Million Colours in 2010 which Wandile was acting in. Why we love them: Despite people looking at them weird and talking about their multi – racial relationship, the couple stays strong because they know that the bond that binds them is much stronger than anything.

Ironically this couple went to the same high school but while there, they only had a good platonic friendship.Why we love them: The couple has grown since they have been together; Lloyd explains that when they started dating, things were different.He used to be very aggressive, whenever they’d fight, he would throw his phone or storm out.This couple met while they were working on Backstage.They were friends for a while and then started dating after Backstage came to an end. Why we love them: We love how they have managed to keep their relationship private for so long. When Mandoza saw Mpho for the first time, she turned him down but he didn’t give up.“It cannot be acceptable that…we can have a male radio broadcaster who can call women “slutbags”, “hoes”.

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