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So, when the ' Boys' each took unto themselves a Woman to be his Wife, old Oz put them on. Oh, excuse me I have to go to the Office, after a stop at the Malt Shoppe!

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Well, all that traveling' an' one night stands are kinda hard on family life, but since they were now also in the moving' pitcher business, sticking' with the Movies, Radio Show and whatever musical ' Gigs' they got locally, was much better for them as a family.

Like other Show Biz folks, their show morphed from the musical to the family sitcom. At first some juvenile actors portrayed the boys, but eventually the got to be themselves, so to speak.

For example: Dave's school buddy, Wally Plumpsted(Skip Young)evolved into Rick's school buddy, Wally Plumpsted. He had show business in his family background, including Circus Performers!

It happened gradually and incrementally so it was barely noticed. And some of the regulars in the Cast over the years were: Mary Jane Croft & Lyle Talbot(Clara & Joe Randolph), Don De Fore(' Thorny'), Parley Baer(Darby)Frank Caddy(Doc)and others. And all he did was Create the Series, Write and contribute to Scripts, Produce, Play the Lead and play a little Saxophone on occasions. Much like Disneyland, we tend to view OZZIE & HARRIET as being unrealistic, too ' Apple Pie',too ' Middle American' and just a tad corny.

) And so too, the status of this longevity-rich TV series is always not so flattering.

The origin of this series as a Radio Program with the object of being a Family Show about a Show Biz Family's private/home life, seems to have been blunted and dulled just by the shear length of time that it lasted.

Danny Williams, a successful nightclub singer, encounters a variety of difficult or amusing situations in trying to balance his career with his family: his outspoken wife Kathy, teenage ...

See full summary » Cathy Lane, teen-aged daughter of a globe-trotting journalist, comes to live at the home of her uncle, a newspaper editor in New York City. See full summary » Sensitive teenager Dobie Gillis (yes, Dobie being his real given name) exasperates his grocer father Herbert T.

Eventually Ozzie would be portrayed as 'going to the office' everyday. So much of the series was preoccupied with family stuff, growing pains, "discovering" girls, music, the malt shop, high school, college, sports, the old "gang", the Fraternity(was it "I-Felta-Thie"? Well, that made the years pass and the ' Boys' were getting' on in years themselves.

The Chronology sometimes got a little fouled up and sometimes an unusual occurrence would happen.

LOAs from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS and James Spence/JSA and Steve Grad, Mike Gutierrez & Zach Rullo/PSA DNA.


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