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[Married: 2012; not legalized: 2012; seventh time] Stephen Logan, Sr.(father) Elizabeth Henderson Logan (mother; deceased) Stephen "Storm" Logan, Jr.

[Married: 2004; declared invalid: 2005; fourth time] Eric Forrester, Sr.

[Married: 2005; annulled/not consummated: 2005; second time] Dominick "Nick" Marone [Married: 2006; divorced: 2007] Ridge Forrester, Sr.

Once home, Brooke cared for Ridge when he was blinded in a lab accident and was horrified to learn that the hospital volunteer treating Ridge was actually Taylor, who had been saved by Omar but held prisoner in his palace.

Brooke tried to keep Taylor's existence from Ridge, but when the truth came out, Brooke learned her marriage to Ridge was invalid.

After Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash, Brooke became engaged to psychiatrist James Warwick, but accepted Ridge's proposal instead.

Brooke finally married Ridge in a lavish beach ceremony, then honeymooned with him in Morocco, where they were guests of Prince Omar Rashid.(brother; deceased) Donna Logan (sister) Katie Logan (sister) Helen Logan (grandmother; deceased) Marcus Walton Forrester (nephew) William Logan Spencer (nephew) Eric Forrester III (grandson; deceased) Nicole Marone (granddaughter; deceased) Logan Knight (grandson) Elizabeth Forrester (granddaughter) Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Ridge; 1989) Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr.(son; with Eric; 1990) Bridget Forrester (daughter; with Eric; 1993) unnamed child (miscarriage; with Ridge; 1998) Hope Logan (daughter; with Deacon; 2002) Ridge "R. (son; with Ridge; 2004) Jack Hamilton Marone (biological son; with Nick; 2007) unnamed child (miscarriage; with Bill Spencer, Jr; 2013) unnamed high school boyfriend (deceased) Dave Reed (broken engagement) Ridge Forrester Steve Crown (kissed) Connor Davis James Warwick (broken engagement) Pierce Peterson (dated) Victor Newman (kissed) Thorne Forrester Deacon Sharpe Nick Marone Dante Damiano (dated) Oliver Jones (mistaken identity sex) Bill Spencer, Jr.Brooke disrupted Ridge's wedding to Taylor by announcing she was pregnant; however, Brooke wasn't sure if Ridge or Eric was the father.Brooke tried and failed to win Ridge back, eventually giving birth to baby Bridget at the Forresters' Big Bear cabin with Taylor giving Ridge instructions over the phone.After a paternity test named Ridge as Bridget's father, Brooke hired Eric's new girlfriend, Sheila Carter, as her children's nanny and annoyed Taylor by bringing Bridget to visit Ridge as often as possible.


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