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Recently Toby and i Justine have been seen together in several of each other's videos and that of course set tongues wagging and sent the Youtube rumor mill into a frenzy: "Have you heard that i Justine is seeing Tobuscus? ", so they made the video below, with their little Youtube love child: Yeah, THAT'S going to dispel the rumors lol. When Toby was vlogging he mentioned that she had vlogged "the same thing" just before he did, so if IJ does post her version of the parking lot baby fiasco I will post it on here as well so we can get her story. After all IJ is my secret Internet girlfriend (so secret she doesn't even know about it) but we won't see them together again in another video for a while. Phil got the eventual winner correct, although I was rooting for the Steelers myself. " No, that's not how this latest video from Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus) could have started but it may as well have. There's Tobuscus again, watching the Super Bowl with i Justine, Linz Loves, Philip De Franco, Matty and some other dude that I didn't recognise.

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When opportunities present themselves, it's important to listen but also understand that you need to be comfortable and careful not to be taken advantage of in any way.

I'm still getting acquainted with the industry side of online video, but the people aren't so different from the people I met early on.

I had started watching the show when Caitlin (thehill88) hosted it earlier in the year and was definitely interested.

I think what Rocketboom found attractive was how many places they could find me online.

Tell people something they wouldn't know about yourself.

I was especially shy and logical when I was younger. I started making videos when I was about 16 and it changed my perspective towards doing what I enjoyed and doing what I had decided was respectable.

Somewhere between finishing a year in Vancouver and today, I moved to New York to work for Rocketboom.

I've been incredibly lucky to have so many opportunities, and I'm extremely grateful to everyone who's had a hand in that.

When vlogging, you may only do one take and make everything up as you go along. Whereas when shooting a show with a script, you have to read accurately, from prompts or by memorizing the lines. I also had to adjust to the many levels of approval.

I first present the video concept, then the script is approved. Drafts of the video receive notes as it is being edited and then the final version is approved and published according to a schedule that we prepare weeks in advance.

'Networking' is really just a clinical term for 'making friends'.


  1. In a follow-up message on the service, which allows users to share pictures and videos for a 24-hour period, she hinted that it was the first time Harper had discovered that her mother was in the band.

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