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Lira was so appreciative of the gesture that she posted an Instagram message about the love Drizzy showed her.However, Maliah wasn’t necessarily a fan, noting that she wasn’t retiring.The "Signs" rapper paid good-intentioned homage to three well-known local exotic dancers, Lira Mercer, Maliah Michel, and Miracle Watts, with a spoof jersey retirement ceremony.

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“Contrary to ’social media news’ no man can retire me,” Michel wrote under a promo flyer on Instagram. Maliah will retire Maliah.” To elaborate on her initial Instagram response, Maliah fired off a series of tweets explaining her anger at Drake.

“Y’all don’t know [Drake] been trying to make me stop dancing. “Always telling me I’m not better than anyone else in the club selling ass instead of dancing. But you could show up to Maliah’s next gig with a couple of “I’m sorry” racks!

She took to her Instagram page to proclaim that "no man can retire me." She also said that "Maliah will retire Maliah," presumably trying to reclaim the agency that she feels Drake didn't grant her with the jersey retirement shenanigans.

In true Drake fashion, Aubrey Graham chose to celebrate Houston Appreciation Week like no other with an over-the-top ceremony in which he retired the jerseys of three prominent exotic dancers Lira Mercer, Maliah Michel, and Miracle Watts on Friday (July 21).

Drake hosted a grand retirement party for three of his favorite strippers in Houston over the weekend.

The 6 God didn’t just throw a lavish party for Lira Galore, Miracle Watts, and Maliah Michel, he also showered them with some expensive gifts from Louis Vuitton.

“Thanks @champagnepapi for helping me gracefully ‘HANG UP MY JERSEY’ OFFICIALLY!

3 years ago, I made a decision to leave the pole in my past, & I never looked back. #Motivate The Strippers #Houston Made.” Look, I don't dance now, I make Money moves ?

But n–ga can’t stay out the club.” Before the ceremony fiasco even popped off, Drake dated Michel briefly after dropping her name on the song ’Miss Me.” He also hand-picked the curvy dancer as his love interest for the “Find Your Love” video.

During Drake’s Houston Appreciation Weekend, the rapper held a special “jersey retirement” ceremony for three popular strippers in the game: Lira “Galore” Mercer, Miracle Watts, and Maliah Michel.

Maliah Michel says Drake put her down for being a stripper.


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