Who is lil romeo dating

VH1 was lucky enough to sit down with the cast and wax poetic about the best advice they ever received from their famous folks about how to break out of the family shadow.

Romeo Miller (son of Master P and formerly known as Lil’ Romeo) “Best advice from my pops…

Just when you thought the Spears family couldn't get any weirder.

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- Here's a little clip of my comic series (and soon to be novel, tv show, and animation) The Drem! Ps: catch our next NOLA Gator game in Shreveport on December 22nd! Not only do you get to wait but you get to have problems while you wait. Not only do you get to wait but you get to have problems while you wait. Not only do you get to wait but you get to have problems while you wait. The world barely knows my struggles because I choose to wear a smile through it all and that's ok.

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” “You’re a fraud a** hick for this sh*t” “I didn’t even have a chance. Not because you think a white women[sic] is better than a black one.” “Smh…not once I seen a ‘sistah’ on your arms” “Welp…another one who went “left”, lol…” But there were many people defending Romeo and his lady, going back and forth with detractors: “Be happy ! I have always loved black men, but I recognize the beauty in every race and every culture. A black man wanting a non black woman does not bother me unless he demeans black women and tries to say they are beneath other races of women…There is too much focus on race. A beautiful soul outweighs physical beauty.” “I love how the first people to yell racism are the first people to hate on an interracial couple” “Yes it’s his girlfriend.

Who cares what race….people just love to be negative. If he is happy, you should be happy for him” Despite what others may think, Romeo is clearly #unbothered.

Spears stunned the world when she announced last year she is expecting a baby with boyfriend Casey Aldridge, and Lil' Romeo is convinced the couple is planning on marriage after the baby is born.

He tells British newspaper the Daily Star, "The child is definitely not mine! The two were even in an ICDC College commercial together recently.While the pair are happy (and look pretty good together), some of Miller’s fans and followers on social media aren’t too happy about the new lady in his life. My apologies, I’m just over all of our black men choosing to be with white women as if black women carry the plague or something.Everyone's got a celebrity crush, but on the next "Catfish," 19-year-old Keyonnah is convinced she's actually dating hers.As a tried and true Bow Wow fan, Keyonnah clocked many hours on the "106 & Park" host's fan page, and was shocked when, one day, she received a message back from the rapper, which led to many subsequent texts and phone calls.Her name is Toneata, not just ‘a new blonde.'” Miller said all that before giving his girl a kiss in front of the cameras.

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