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Just prior to launching into her tirade against Short, Steffans had been on Twitter to tell the world that her friend Ray J knew that his infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian was going to leak.

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According to Steffans, whether a woman is a wife or a mistress, there is a shame involved with being with a man. I have traded in my Scarlet A for a Scarlet Bey,” she wrote.

Former hip-hop vixen Karrine Steffans has become one of the most talked about women in America after she accused her actor husband of cheating on her.

The TMZ report announcing the couple refers to her by her nickname in hip hop circles, Superhead. In 2015, Steffans explained the nickname in an interview with All Hip Hop saying, “Well, I’m good at everything I do…I’m not going to touch anything unless I plan on doing it better than anyone else you’ve ever met in your entire life.” After she broke up with Maher, Steffans told Vibe Magazine in an interview in 2007 that, “Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you’re an idiot.

That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual.” Although, he later told New York Magazine that the two are on good terms.

I was in the bathroom pacing until I got the text message back from him, and I just started crying.

I got one message back from him and he says, ‘Babe, I’m OK.’ Everyday after that we’ve been a little closer.We took the time to grow our friendship into a a partnership and we celebrate that in everything we do, now.On her Twitter page, Steffans said that she and Short were married in January.Though in their report on Steffans accusing Short of cheating, Hollywood Life says that he’s still officially married to his previous wife, Tanee Mc Call, 34.161044992VK026_Will_I_Am_s_ " data-medium-file="https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/160952503_10.jpg? quality=65&strip=all&w=289" data-large-file="https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/160952503_10.jpg? quality=65&strip=all&w=781" src="https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/160952503_10.jpg? quality=65&strip=all&strip=all" alt="Bobby Brown, Bobby Brown Wife, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Bobby Brown Wife Pregnant, Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead, Bobbi Kristina Brown Death" class="size-full wp-image-858229" Steffans is known for dating a string of celebrities, including political comedian Bill Maher in 2007.Short sits in the foreground, seemingly undeterred and charging his phone.


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