Who is jon gosselin dating 2016 smart guys intimidating

The boyfriend pulled out when he realized he would always be competing with the show for Kate's affection.

She even masterminded a spinoff dedicated to she and Prescott.

Well, Kate Gosselin bragged about all the free stuff she got from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" so is it any wonder she's clinging like mad to the new show?

Being singled out by a tyrant like Kate Gosselin, who treats her children like prisoners according to reports, would have a profound impact on a developing boy.

Though we wouldn't expect to see the full psychological impact until years after the children have all escaped from her grasp.

But no, Kate was happy to be rid of Jon and cheered when her daughters Mady and Cara publicly humiliated their dad.

It's not kids, another man, nor even a human that Prescott needed to be jealous of with Kate. The founder found he wanted a relationship with a real woman, not a reality show character.Since we know that Kate Gosselin has been violent with Collin, that would only make things so much worse on this poor boy.Honestly, we're no therapists, but we expect that all of these kids are going to spend years on PTSD counseling.And people used to worry that growing up on for their shared birthday, we wouldn't condemn our worst enemy to Kate's clutches.Let alone some 13-year-old kid who, according to reports, has enough on his plate.He walked away from Kate's "chaos" and into the arms of a lower maintenance, albeit younger woman Jenna Sabacheuskaya.


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