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This campaign marked her second bid for the presidency after losing in her first attempt to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary.

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Before the barbecue we'd put on an adults versus kids game of football.

The only people exempt are those preparing the food over the coals.

I will encourage a game of Scrabble, but my son loves poker, and Monopoly is another favourite.

There'll be a fight over what we do so we'll end up doing a bit of everything, and there would be singing and piano duets.

After a 40-minute walk, I'd let Padraig organise where we station ourselves on the sandy beach and we'd be encamped by 3.30pm.

Those who want to swim would venture into the water while the men would build the barbecue and my sisters and sisters-in-law would be talking – a favourite family pastime.

A perfect weekend for me would be spent on the west coast of Ireland, down Skibbereen way.

It's a beautiful part of the world with the sea, mountains, great shellfish, lots of walks and picnics on Hare Island.

Then we'd get ourselves together to take a boat to Hare Island.

We'd make sure we brought a football, swimming togs, books and barbecue essentials.

It would be August, when the evenings are long and we've settled into proper summer. My brother Padraig and his wife Denise have two girls, Megan and Kitty, and my sisters Sinéad and Sorcha have five children between them, but they're grown-up.


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