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"I went in to the hospital to have a baby last week and came back out not recognizing my own country," she tweeted Monday (January 30). She lamented not being able to attend the Women's March — since she was "about to drop a baby out [of her] vag" — but we're glad to see mother and child are doing well. Plus, Mark Sheppard (Crowley, King of Hell) welcomed daughter Isabella Rose in early 2016.

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And right now I’m not in Hayward, hiding from the world and writing, I’m in the nearby township of Lenroot, or something like that. The art of being a reader is being willing to work a little to get at the meat of the story, while at the same time accepting the occasional bent technicality and comma splice. Not only are these ladies lovely and willing to get naked for my book, but they are also rocket scientists. So while I was out there, I got to take a tour of JPL and look at cool spaceship stuff. Which might not seem like a big deal for most of you, but for me it was pretty cool.

These are pointless little truths that don’t do anyone any good. I also saw lizards running around wild, and can now identify a eucalyptus tree.

But for some reason, as I tell this story, I want to lie. Despite the fact that he was a great hunter and defender, he was also very friendly.

Unfortunately, it was like he never figured out that he wasn’t a puppy anymore.

I got to play some new board games and walk around outside without wearing a coat or hat or anything.

The book signing itself turned out to be a marvelous success.

Currently wearing a onesie that says 'Bard in Training'," Felicia joked.

There’s no right or wrong way to announce a pregnancy, and the big thing right now is to make it a ~BIG ANNOUNCEMENT~. Pink gave birth just a month later to a son, Jameson.

Fast-forward weeks later: baby Calliope Maeve has joined the world! Not missing a beat, Day replied, "I like this idea.

It turns out Day gave birth to her daughter last week but is just now sharing the news. #Hunterdynasty." Day's character Charlie Bradbury may have died on Season 10, but there's still hope for the next generation of hunters.

When someone came over for a visit, Pup would jump up on them, putting his paws up on your chest (or your shoulders, if you were shorter) and lick your face.


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