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The context for this development is a sea change in the Democratic party that has been taking shape over the past two decades.Where once the Democrats were the lockstep pro-Israel party and Republicans were divided about backing Israel, the parties’ positions are now reversed.

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In 2016, Democrats growing split over Israel was evident in the Clinton and Sanders campaigns.

The candidates disagreed over Israel’s right of self-defense and over support for Palestinian ambitions — one of the few areas where they differed substantively.

Republicans today are nearly unanimous in their enthusiastic support for the Jewish state, and they oppose all measures that endanger its security.

Now it is the Democrats who are split, with polls showing that those who identify with the party are far less likely to back Israel than Republicans are.

Remember when Cory Booker very earnestly, very thirstily asked Mindy Kaling out on a date over Twitter? He just wanted to have a casual dinner with a beautiful, intelligent woman and use that opportunity to defend Newark.

After Mindy’s character on “The Mindy Project” dissed New Jersey on a recent episode, Booker took to Twitter to defend his state. “Well first of all, don’t read too into it about ’asking out,” Booker told Vanity Fair.

In Booker’s case, it was an astonishing vote against the Taylor Force Act in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

For Gillibrand, it was an announcement that she will oppose the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.

But responding to pressure from the ACLU and to hostile left-wing questioners at town-hall meetings, Gillibrand flipped from being a sponsor to an opponent of the legislation, saying that its language needed to be changed before she would consider backing it.


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