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And most horrifically, this fear and hatred can lead to mass murder, as we all have shockingly witnessed in Las Vegas. We are capable of greatness beyond fear and hatred.

We have the potential to be greater than even the Angels, who worship God constantly and perfectly in His Holy Presence.

He then said this to me: “Then, we are brothers.” I took this very simple statement to great heart, and I made a connection with him from that moment that lasts to this day.

Our country needs more moments such as these, between people of every faith community, every ethnic origin, and every race.

I shared with him that, in the Islamic tradition, saving one life is like “saving all of humanity.” To be able to do this on a daily basis, be an agent of God’s healing power, is a gift for which I can never truly thank God enough.

I also said that the only way I can begin to approach true gratitude is to show up every day at work and be the best physician I can be.

It is a trust, and if that power goes to your head, you would be well-served to remember I sat next to a physician colleague from Texas last week at a leadership development conference in Seattle.

As part of the discussion in the course, I mentioned that I was an ordained minister.

He came to me later and told me that he was a Christian, and he latched on to those words, which I said truly in passing.

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