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Big Time Rush is an American pop boy band that formed in 2009.

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Who is carlos from big time rush dating

As of 2011, the band has released two albums, BTR and Elevate.

They recently released their third album, 24/Seven, in which Pena wrote and co-wrote almost every song.

James helps Carlos on his date with one of the Jennifers, Kendall joins Lucy's dinner with her parents, and Logan takes a blind date out so he can spy on Camille's date with Jett.

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Big Time Rush's Carlos Pena and his fiancée, "Spy Kids" star Alexa Vega.

I was always competitive and wanted to be the lead in the show we were doing, and she wanted someone else to do it.

She came to me at one point and was like, ‘Why do you want to do this?"And it was so cool, and he was like, 'Dad ...' and they had planned it, 'Dad, Dad, sit down, I'm going to finish it,' and then he did the speech." Pena continued, "She had no idea, and then I called her out, 'See all these people?They all knew about it and you didn't,' and James is like, 'Yeah, cheers!' " Now that the proposal has been made, it's on to the wedding planning, which Pena admitted will be up to his bride-to-be. "But she sat me down to plan this because it takes a long time.So I mean, guest lists are starting to get together.Pena was studying musical theater at the Boston Conservatory when his manager urged him to audition for Big Time Rush.

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