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Just before Trump’s inauguration, they wrote an open letter to Malia and Sasha Obama (published in TIME) wishing them luck in the next chapter of their lives. “I hope that people will give him the kindness that they would give their own little brothers or their own children,” Jenna says.

“Because he didn’t ask his dad to run for president.

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“A few sentences after that, the female translator stopped translating.” Being First Daughters brought a series of challenges for the sisters.

They were in their first semester of college — Jenna at the University of Texas at Austin, Barbara at Yale University — during the election and recount.

“Which is kind of the heartbreaking part of it, too.

In high school you sort of think, ‘What if, what if, what if?

And anyway, the White House belongs to their youth.

On a visit to their grandparents at age seven, their older cousins convinced Jenna that maxi-pads were meant to be stuck under her arms to absorb sweat.

On a dare, she tried some on for size and descended the stairs to greet the grown-ups, including the then-paramount leader of China Deng Xiaoping and a coterie of photographers.

“Luckily for me,” she writes, “the cameramen must have realized there are some photos that are just too awful to take.” In 2006, Barbara visited Italy for the Olympic Games and ended up at lunch with Silvio Berlusconi, who told her, “If I was younger, I’d have children with you,” she recalls.

She became tabloid fodder over typical college-kid hijinx, but after one incident prompted Jenna to call her father to apologize, he cut her off: “No, I’m sorry,” he said.

“We promised you normalcy, and this is not normal.” The Bushes have been protective of normalcy for the two first daughters who followed them. ’” The sentiment extends to 11-year-old Baron Trump.

Neither sister can envision a reality in which they would have worked for their father’s administration, as Ivanka Trump has done.


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