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The Mughals ruled almost all the princely states of Rajasthan at that time and because of this; most of the schools of Rajput Painting in India reflect strong Mughal influence.Each of the Rajput kingdoms evolved a distinctive style.The other popular themes of the 19th century were Ragamala and devotional subjects.

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Apart from the Mughal style, the paintings of Bikaner also reflect marked influence of Deccan paintings.

During the late 18th century, the city started showing conservative Rajput styles with smoothness and abstractions.

Kishangarh Kishangarh style of painting was basically a fusion of Mughal and regional style.

The most common theme of this style consisted of the depiction of the love between Krishna and Radha.

The main themes around which Rajasthani Paintings of India revolved include the Great epics of Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the life of Lord Krishna, landscapes and humans.

Rajput paintings of India were also done on the walls of palaces, inner chambers of the forts, havelis, etc.

However, similarities and common features can still be found in the paintings of different territories.

One can also observe the dominance of Chaurapanchasika group style in Indian Rajasthani Paintings.

Other popular themes included the poetry of Sawant Singh, Shahnama and court scenes, etc.

Kishangarh School is best known for its Bani Thani paintings.

Marwar The earliest example of the Rajasthani paintings of Marwar is that of Ragamala, which was painted in Pali in 1623.


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