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In 2009, Hobbs was cast in the role of Emily Kmetko, an aspiring Olympic gymnast from the wrong side of the tracks, in ABC Family's Make It or Break It.

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Cassie has tiny legs and Chelsea has the best butt I've ever seen. But we're also just as amazing doing our own thing.17: What's your secret for maintaining body peace? If my jeans feel tight, I'll order a salad instead of having pizza and a salad. For some reason if I always have water in my hand, I'll eat better.

I have a tiny waist while Josie has a tiny, flat stomach. I couldn't tell you how much I weigh—it's about how my clothes fit my body.

She was put on a bus and sent out of town for good late in season two. “We love the show,” ABC Family president Michael Riley said soon after Hobbs’ news.

“We just need to consider our options.” After a production delay of several month, the option that won was a shortened season with eight episodes.

So to prep for the big event, Seventeen sat down with Ayla Kell, who plays Payson on the show, to talk about all things love, life, and leotards! It's hard, though, especially if all your friends are dating someone…AK: Here's my viewpoint: Having a boyfriend, yes, it can be a great thing.

But focusing on your future is so much more important. We are exactly where we are today as a result of how we handled what bump we may have hit yesterday.... So who's to say that you aren't in for the most breathtaking, unbelievable ride of all.Emily, conversely, was a latecomer, a blue-collar kid who had only a natural gift.She was discovered in a YMCA workout room and brought to The Rock. Are you psyched for the new season of Make It or Break It (FYI it comes back tonight! Can you relate to Ayla's advice about body peace and guys?


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