While updating my iphone froze

Software Update, downloaded i OS 10, started the install process, and everything was perfect — until your i Phone got stuck on the connect to i Tunes logo! In this article, I’ll explain how to fix a bricked i Phone that got stuck updating to i OS 10 and what to do if your i Phone can’t be restored.

When your i Phone updates to a new version of i OS, a lot of the low-level software gets replaced.

If your i Phone is stuck on the connect to i Tunes logo after updating to i OS 10, it means that the software update started but didn’t finish, so your i Phone can’t turn back on. Yes, it’s a serious software issue — but almost all software issues can be fixed at home.

while updating my iphone froze-28

i Tunes will say that it has detected an i Phone in recovery mode and offer to restore it back to factory settings.

When you restore an i Phone, it erases the i Phone back to factory settings updates it to the latest version of i OS, so you’ll end up with a blank i Phone running i OS 10.

i Phone owners also reported issues with Touch ID after downloading the update, with some noting the feature -- which allows people to unlock their phones using their fingerprints -- was no longer working.

Apple ended up pulling the i OS 8.0.1 update an hour after releasing it.

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Now the new version of i OS 10.3, i OS 11 brings a lot of cool new features to the i Phone that can also be very useful.

To fix your i Phone after a failed i OS update, you’ll need to connect your i Phone to a computer running i Tunes.

It doesn’t have to be your computer — any computer will do.

Eventually, I was able to update to i OS 10 through i Tunes.


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