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Yet the surrounding areas overflow with springbok and zebra.

The summer in the park is vastly different with heavy rains turning a dry dusty Etosha National Park into a lush green oasis.

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Galton gate was exclusively used for Dolomite visitors. The area and vegetation is very different to the south- eastern and eastern part of the park. In this area and with a more undulating landscape, it makes for a very different wildlife experience.

White dust and clay which makes up the Etosha Pan turns to a reddish brown soil during this time which may lead you to believe you have entered an entirely new park when you visit.

The landscapes and the vast Etosha pan are always highlights for any photographer.

Taking pictures of animal silhouettes crossing the vast pan is a picture that takes patience and a bit of luck, but the outcome is often something very unique to Etosha National Park.

It is also one of the few countries where animals still roam freely mostly unrestricted by human influence.

The country has a great mix of desert, semi- desert and savannahs.

This time of year means life in the park for new born animals as well as birdlife.

Many European migratory birds come south to enjoy the new life that has been washed into the vegetation.

Below we have information on the park that will guide and inform you, leaving you well informed before your trip to this beautiful place: The abundance of game in Etosha National Park is somewhat unexpected, showcasing some of the most common and rarest wildlife species.

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