Ways to ruin a dating relationship

Even if you’re the closest couple on the face of the earth, you’re both still individuals and it’s important to remember that.

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Being in a relationship means you’ve found someone you want to spend all your time with.

You miss them like crazy when they aren’t around and you’d text them all day long if you could.

Spending every second together means you no longer know what it’s like when they aren’t around and that will make any separation that comes up a lot harder to deal with.

Every relationship gets to the point where nothing is really new anymore, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If you spend all your free time together, how will you feel if he goes away for a weekend without you?

You might think that will never happen, but it will.By day, Courtney is a digital marketing copywriter living in Toronto, Canada.By night, she’s a freelance lifestyle writer who, in addition to Bolde.com, contributes regularly to Among Men.ca, and She Blogs Canada.When you spend all your time together, you start taking each other’s presence for granted.It’s definitely not a bad thing to be comfortable with the person you’re dating, but being too comfortable can mean you aren’t trying anymore.Ideally, you should find someone who you genuinely want to spend tons of time with, but not If you do literally everything with your significant other, you probably don’t have many experiences or memories that don’t include them.


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