Virtual online dating assistants

You really need to be on the cutting-edge to always triumph over the other men vying for her attention.

If you’re a straight woman who messaged a mustachioed software engineer from Mexico, or a straight guy who flirted online with a smiley elementary school teacher within the last year, there’s a chance you were really aiming your digital pursuits at me.

In fact, when you have full access to the power of Tinder, you will experience the surge of power you deserve when you are able to always have a date when you want…

And when you’re not meeting up with one of the amazing new women in your life, you’ll be doing the things you love instead of feeling permanently attached to your cell phone screen.

As technology progresses and more people use the service, you’ll find that what works today may not be what gets women begging you to meet up with them tomorrow.

Also, it’s a complete time-suck messaging back and forth with women…

especially when you are saying the wrong things to her or are using played out messaging strategies.

After some very intense and lengthy discussions on this blog about overweight women, the definition of patriarchy, and the value of hooking up, I wanted to take things down a notch.

Witness this site, which is a sign that the apocalypse is upon us. Essentially, the folks at Virtual Dating Assistants profess to do everything that I do as a dating coach – except instead of teaching you how to do it yourself – as I do, they do it for you!

The word soon got out about Blake’s cutting-edge Tinder hacks, and sites like, Business Insider and Adweek were all calling Blake to interview him and publishing stories about his insane success.

In a very short period of time, over 2000 Tinder matches — all gorgeous women — were messaging him, wanting to get to know him better.

That’s how he stumbled upon the Click Magnet Dating System, by leading online dating expert, Scott Valdez.

Scott Valdez, the Creator of the Click Magnet Dating System and Founder of Virtual Dating was stoked when he received an email from Blake talking about his Tinder discoveries.

See, Virtual Dating Assistants (or “Vi DA” for short) is the first company to ever allow men to fully outsource the process of meeting women on traditional dating sites like Ok Cupid to a team of experts.

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