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Anita recommends asking yourself some important questions beforehand.

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If you’re worried about stains, put a towel under your bum before you have sex.

It’s worth mentioning that the person you’re getting naked with isn’t going to notice your cellulite/muffin top/flabby thighs. Real life BOOBS, and for some odd reason this GODDESS is letting me sleep with her. ” If you’re majorly panicking about getting naked it might be worth asking yourself if you’re really ready for sex yet.

If it’s just getting your kit off that worries you, agony aunt Anita Naik recommends spending more time naked alone to increase body confidence.

She says: “You’re not going to have good sex if you’re too busy holding your tummy in or trying to push your boobs together.

Here at the The Mix we’ve said it a thousand times but we’ll say it again: Size. Just remember that whichever gender you’re with, know your way around their bodies with your fingers and tongue. But, if you’re still feeling shy, it may be worth waiting for someone you can trust before you have sex.

You have a computer, you have an internet connection, you have a penis – chances are you’ve looked at some porn. But please don’t assume the sex you see in pornos will be ANYTHING like your own sexual encounters.

Condoms can take some getting used to, so it may be worth practising alone a few times before your debut.

The peer pressure to lose your L-plates is always immense but don’t let yourself be rushed.

So just because you don’t come during your first time – or your second, or your 202 – doesn’t mean you never will. It’s worth noting that most girls find they don’t come through penetration alone.

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