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My friend Erin, a 30-something designer in Brooklyn, thinks it’s a better way to go overall.

“I frequently would not even look at someone's profile after they sent me a message unless I thought I was really gonna like them because they'd see that I did,” she told me. She followed that up by saying “The only weird thing is that one guy who checked my profile like dozens of times a day, and now I can't keep tabs on how much he's creeping on me.

Andrew Broad’s fake Tinder profile consisted of a black and white image of the MP, along with a bio saying he was looking for single women on the app.

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Andrew Broad’s colleague, George Christensen, who caused outrage on Twitter in 2015 when he compared same-sex marriage to America’s pro-gun laws, has also been impersonated on the gay dating app Grindr.

Dan Tehan, the minister assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber ­Security, said they had recently briefed politicians on simple steps they could take to improve their security online.

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A recent post by Jenny Davis over at the Pacific Standard suggests that “Online dating shows us the cold, hard facts about race in America“.

In her article, Jenny discusses some data released from a Facebook-based dating app that figures out which people are interested in which other people on some sexual or romantic level.

And just today, Ok Cupid introduced what it’s calling a “Member Pledge” that users must agree to before sending messages with the app or website.

Members of the service “must first agree not to send any harassing or unwanted, sexually explicit messages” before engaging with other people. “If you wouldn’t say something to a person you just met at a bar, you shouldn’t be saying it online,” said company CEO Elie Seidman.

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