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The base storyboard tells of a crazy young guy who has the ability to communicate with the spirit of a sarcastic man. Please add a total of £1 per title for PSP within the UK and £2 per title Overseas. Candy Factory V v CYBERGRAPHX PAGE 52 Now commercial, Cyber Graph X is available on a great value CD.

A friend, who thinks of himself as a detective, profits from the psychic abilities of his friend (the psychic guy), by using his skills to solve the most bizarre problems of the rich. CANDY FACTORY PRO PAGE 56 Generate stunning logos the easy way with Candy Factory Pro.

The demonstrations were only let down by There weren't many announcements to do with the latest development for the Classic Amiga range at the Koln show, partly to do with the fact that Dr. Hundreds of colour images, masses of AVI’s, and animations, hundreds of voice-overs, over 40 minutes of presentations around 400 subject synopsis’, and hundreds of ‘cross referenced’ articles. * 30 different field conditions to be played on * Very intuitive control method with acceleration decelaration * Spoken comment (CD Version only) * Game Tactics and Tactical editor * Role playing mode * Arcade mode similiar to Speedball II (Powerups, bonuses) EAT THE WHISTLE Availabe on CD-ROM or DISK Requires: A1200 or better - or Amga with with gfxcard.

Order: CD482 £27.99 ARCADE CLASSIX MKII Arcade Classi X MKII includes over 1.200 variations of all your favourite arcade games, such as Pacman, Invaders. A superb reference and educational title for the whole family. Information and details, such as screenshots, reviews, game maps, cheats, box scans, compatability listing are included. Although they’re a wee bit late (their 30 days was up a few months ago), Amiga Inc.

Order: CD589 MINI OFFICE (DISK) This superb easy to use office suite is great for the home and small business, It includes a Word Processor with a spell checker, Database, Spreadsheet and more. Rated 86% Order: CD635 £12.99 STREET RACER The Amiga Version of the World Famous Play Station Action game. CD Version requires 4mb ram Order: CD478 £12.99 PULSATOR AGA Hold on for the ride of your life in this action packed blast'em away. When ordering please state product code, title and price.

Order: CD597 £14.99 FOUNDATION A real-time strategy war game incorporating familiar strategy elements with interesting new concepts. Order: CD562 £19.99 ZOMBIE MASSACRE Slight 3D “doom" clone with some seriously "bloody" graphics and gut wrenching sound effects. Order: CD702 £12.99 100% SOURCECODE GOLD v1 A huge archive of over 600mb of source code. Order: CD526 £14.99 full are n Atied with the permission of the authors I THE GAMES ROOM The Games Room is an original compilation of Gambling games. Order: CD182 £29.99 COMPETITION PRO ’Competition Pro. Suitable for any “analogue” compatible game, like TFX etc. Order: CD427 £19.99 PRIMAX MASTER TRACKBALL Ultimate 3 Button serial trackball for use on Workbench. Order: FCD449 SOFTWARE EXPLOSION 2 CD Brand New release includes tons of Midi Files, Images, Colour Fonts, Tutorials, Virtual Computer Pets, and a whole host of other stuff.

Suitable for any AGA Amiga but on an 030 it really moves!!! Everything you need develop Amiga Software is included from CDXL to Hardware information. Order: CD695 £14.99 DESKTOP VIDEO CD VOL:2 Amiga Desktop Video CD volume 2 contains hundreds of megabytes of Video related backdrops, fonts, samples, and clip images. CD692 £57.99 1500 WAV SFX 1500 Sound Effects CD616 £9.99 versions. Also contained on the CD is around 100 all-time classic Mega- Demo's. It’s very easy to use and the CD has a complete index of every game. You simply plug the pedals into your joystick port, and plug your joystick into the back of the pedals. PEDALS £9.99 ANALOGUE JOYSTICK* High quality, silky smooth movement analogue joystick. ’Includes Mousel T Adaptor h Order: PRIMAX £39.99 “ SOFTWARE EXPLOSION CD 600mb of top quality data, Images, over 300 textures, Objects, Samples, Modules, Games, 600 Letters, Demos plus a great deal more.

Order: CD603 £39.99 SCALA MM400 The full release of Scala MM400 plus a heap of extra backdrops, fonts and Scala plugins.... Order: CD567 £19.99 ANIME BABES SPECIAL EDITION Thousands of high quality Manga style GIF Images. Order: CD491 £19.99 PANTIE BRATS Thousands of high quality shots. Order: CD630 £15 BORED HOUSEWIVES 2 Just what do they get upto when they ain’t go anything else to do? BACK IN TIME 15 All time classic C64 tunes re-mixed onto Audio CD. PLAYDAYS The Official Playdays as seen on BBC is available now and includes 13 different children’s activities. Order: QS01x £9 MSX Nostagia includes hundreds and hundreds of original MSX games all ready to run through the latest MSX software emulator.

Rated 90% Order: QS16x £9 SPECCY CLASSIX ‘98 Play over 3000 Classic Spectrum Games on your Amiga, Includes the latest Spectrum Emulators and thousands of Games. Clear MINI4 Order: COMP1, 2, 3 or 4 PLAYDAYS PAINT Create your own Birthday cards, Banners and Calendars, Draw your own pictures and colour them or simply colour in the pictures supplied.The kernel handles synchronisation and message passing, using ideas derived from the amazing things that QNX could do, Dr. Discover New Technologies - Build Wonders of the World - Determine the Fate of your People. Order: CD454 £12.99 BIG RED ADVENTURE After the success of the PC version. Order: CD622 £9.99 WINBENCH ‘98 The definitive collection of Workbench enhancement tools. Tel: 61 (0) 29520 9606 A1200 HARD DRIVE PREP & INSTALLER £7 A600 HARD DRIVE PREP & INSTALLER £7 WORKBENCH3.0 SET £9.99 WORKBENCH2. It also contains over 80 disks of educational software.Havemose was clearly visible at the top table, grinning from ear to ear and mouthing “I told you so'’. The BIG RED ADVENTURE is now available on Amiga CD. Order: CD477 £19.99 100% COLOUR CLIPS 100% Colour Clips is a brand new original collection of thousands of high quality GIF and IFF clipart images. X SET £9.99 WORKBENCH1.3 SET £7.99 ZAPPO ARCHOS CD-ROM SOFTWARE £7 100 MISC PRINTER DRIVERS £3 CANON PRINT STUDIO £3 LATEST PRINTER DRIVERS £3 SQUIRREL CD-ROM SOFTWARE £5 IDEFIX’97 (SHAREWARE) £3 GVP HD8 SETUP SOFTWARE £5 ROCHARD RH800C INSTALLATION £5 GAME BOOTER £3 A1200 DEGRADER £2 WORKBENCH 3.0 Includes Workbench. J Order: CD405x £14.99 Both for just £20 17BIT LEVEL 6 f The very latest 17BIT disks specially compiled by Quartz. Through an easy to use interface you have access to around 1000 brand new Amiga disks all categorised into various themes. Simply move your finger over the touch sensitive pad. Order: TOUCHPAD £39.99 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PARANORMAL An exciting new multimedia Amiga based CD-ROM featuring high-res AGA graphics throughout.Bomber man done - 2-6 players Zombie Massacre is Alpha Software's nightmare vision of a world populated by flesh-eating zombies and the human race struggling for survival. AGA = A120GA4000 Only - CD32 titles also work on A1200CD-ROM CD Games gently only work on AGA Amiga's, (oem = unboxed). The QNX Real-Time Operating System, which is currently developed to run on PC architecture, seems to embody many of the same ideals which made the Amiga such a special machine. Its use is widespread for specialist applications throughout industry and into space, and it seems to have digital convergence written all over it. Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the developments as soon as they happen.Featuring heart stopping 3D zombie action and pumping digital audio by the Award Winning Will Morton. Send a SAE for a complete games fist OPD€RS I€LCOme “THE BEST AMIGA GAME Three Worlds - With 30 huge locations. The OS announcement wasn’t the only thing to happen at Cologne though, and we have tons of recently released stuff to review for you this month, with more to come.QNX is built around Neutrino, a micro kernel, and this is a crucial difference between it and monolithic systems like Unix and Windows. 3 different worlds, many interactive characters, puzzles and more, aga 4mb recommended. Epic Marketing: BSS House - Area50, Cheney Manor, Swindon. German Office Hirschauer Strasse 9, 72070 Tubingen.


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