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Is there a four star resort so close to a global airport hub and to so many adventure, arts, science, executive education and discovery experiences anywhere else in the world? Half an hour from everything downtown Salt Lake City has to offer.

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With VSee’s secure video chat, Intermountain is able to take this concept one step further and give parents 24-hour video access to their babies.

This not only improves parent-physician communications, but as Dr.

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Call to Action button and its destination link as well. An architectural style reflecting its local Swiss heritage.

A remarkable one-of-a-kind all-seasons best-of-all-worlds destination. A mecca for the Greatest Snow on Earth and every kind of adventure: Skiing.

Take your pick of adventure or serenity, relaxation or learning.

Brittany Stoddard's boyfriend, Levi Copeland, is in jail serving up to a year-long sentence for drug possession.

While at the Duchesne County Jail awaiting trial, he was then moved to the state prison in Draper post-conviction and later to the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison, before ending up at the Uintah County Jail in Vernal a few weeks ago.

Intermountain is redesigning 65 beds at the NICU at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center with 3 cameras (2 fixed and 1 rotating) that send 24-hour live video feeds of a little one to parents via VSee secure video chat.


  1. She was tense, very tense: Ania worked a lot, and while she enjoyed her job, she spent long hours sitting uncomfortably in her vehicle.

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