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All my queries were answered with patience and a smile.

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I wanted to find a dentist in the area to be able to return easily for regular treatment. My dentist in Delhi is now Dr Smriti but her husband is most likely a good match:)- I learned today that they are about to celebrate their second anniversary…So Happy Anniversary, Happy Trip & See you soon! Before visiting Nanda Dental Clinic, normally the thought of visiting dentists had been extremely nerve wrecking psychologically and more often than not I would duck my appointments.

Before visiting the clinic, I found this website and I liked the fact that the Nanda couple looked young, very friendly, and with good references. But being educated on the process as you go along and what to expect to a layman really does make it rather easy and comforting.

To top it all to be well taken care off and have your teeth worked on gently takes away all the nervousness. ..”Definitely walk in with a smile and walk out with a bigger smile”.! Without doubt one of the best dental clinics I have ever been to. I can honestly say that being treated by Doctors Prashant and Smriti Nanda was by far the best dental experience I’ve ever had!

As for the results i am ecstatic and believe that I am now in great hands with Dr. The doctors are very warm and friendly, yet extremely professional in their approach to treating my problem. I’ve always been deathly scared of dental procedures, and when I was told that I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted, I was terrified.

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But, people had warned me that root canals are a painful affair. When the pain got really bad, I finally went to see Doctors Smriti and Prashant.

Within 10 minutes of observation and a painless procedure, I felt the pain had gone.

Both the doctors were extremely kind in enquiring about my wellbeing post-procedure, over the phone.


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