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To escape it all, he travels to the region of Alola. He was thirteen when he realised he couldn't quite die. Given her ancient Hindu roots, Padma Patil is no stranger to the idea of reincarnation.He wants to grow stronger and prove them all wrong while fighting his biggest battle yet against an unknown foe. Then he turned fourteen and a baby in a suit showed up and nothing else is quite the same. So as she lies dying on the floor of the Great Hall of Hogwarts after the war is lost and her family is gone, she invokes the ancient words and awakens in a new life.

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Kuroko Tamaki is utterly sick of basketball by the end of her third year in middle school. One where she is the eldest bastard daughter of Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand.

When drifting through life, unsure of what she wants to do, she had the luck to catch the attention of a certain famous figure skater. Padma/Jon Unlike the original, Orochimaru finds Naruto to be too much of a nuisance to be ignored but too intriguing to just kill. (Cover drawn by Cyan Cat, but commissioned by Moradacious Moratorium )Kasumi Kurosawa thought she had gotten lucky.

Thanos and his Armada will come, and Loki and Sesshomaru will fight them. His real name is Cooper Anderson, brother of Blaine Anderson. Another kind of demon made itself known to the world.

They just will also partake in ice cream, and two Avengers along the way. AU Set after 1st Avengers movie: Sess/Tony, Loki/Clint. So then, wasn't it ironic that I'd be reborn into a world where I'd likely die as a nobody — just one body in a sea of corpses. What happens when he suddenly has to take care of his baby brother? 8DPrince Arthur has been raised to one day rid the land of sorcerers and their magic as Uther wishes. So the Order was reformed under the name Knights of the True Cross.

Now Naruto is forced to cope without the one thing everyone takes for granted the most. Tsuna wasn't sure what would come out of this summoning lesson. She was reborn as the daughter of a farming couple, all the way on the outskirts of Fire Country and far from Konoha.

He didn't expect having powerful demons scrambling to contract to him, much less having them determined to be more than just contracts. She thought she had a peaceful, safe life ahead of her.

A now reformed Pansy Parkinson is working in the Department for the Care and Relocation of Dangerous Creatures when a strange case goes awry. Of course, since he's Harry Potter nothing ever goes right. Reborn's mission of making him into the perfect Vongola Decimo is soon thrown askew by knowing brown eyes. Kicked out of the village by his own, young Hiccup starts a new life in the cove where upon he learns to survive using the strongest weapon he has..mind. Set 4 year before the first movie when Hiccup is at the age of ten.

Cast into Westeros as a child once more and given the name Melara Frey, Pansy has to work to rebuild a life for herself, find love in the process and perhaps take care of a few lions while she's at it. Firecracker: a small explosive device primarily designed to produce a large amount of noise. Tsuna has no intention of becoming Decimo and Reborn isn't going to fail either. Rated T for now but will be warned of M rates on chapters as we go along.

Instead of being killed by Black Beard he ends up kidnapped, along with a certain flame user's little brother.

Still distrustful of his new crew Ace is reluctant to ask for help.

So when Hinata's family moved back to the countryside, well, nobody said Kuroko couldn't join him. Tsuna was eleven when he was hit by a car and walked away from the incident unscathed.


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