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string normalized String token NMTOKEN Notes: the spec says NMTOKEN should only be used for attributes, but this rule is not enforced.

validating parser xml-32

I'm sure this will mean that it can't be used in all situations, but hopefully that won't prevent it from being used at all.

The following elements are supported by the XML Schema parser.

This module isn't just an XML Schema validator, it's also a test of the Test Driven Development methodology.

I've been writing tests while I develop code for a while now, but TDD goes further by requiring tests to be written before code.

Also, minimum and maximum constraints as described in the spec are not checked.

float Notes: The restrictions on double support apply to float as well.

Learn the rules of XML syntax that are stated or implied in the XML 1.0 Recommendation from the W3C.

Kenneth Sall introduces a considerable amount of XML terminology, including discussions of parsing, well-formedness, validation, XML document structure, legal XML Names, and CDATA.

Requiring users to install Xerces is simply too onerous a requirement; few will have it already and the Xerces installation system leaves much to be desired.


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