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Introduces accounting principles with respect to cost and managerial accounting.Focuses on the application of accounting information with respect to product costing, as well as its use within the organization to provide direction and to judge performance.There's great value for companies to use automation technologies in analytics, taking advantage of the vast data sets now available.

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Prerequisite: ACC 211 or equivalent or school approval. [view & print course content summary] ACC 215 Computerized Accounting 3 cr.

Introduces the computer in solving accounting problems. Presents the accounting cycle and financial statement preparation in a computerized system and other applications for financial and managerial accounting.

Explains the generation and limitations of data, techniques for analyzing the flow of a business's funds, and the methods of selecting and interpreting financial ratios.

Offers analytical techniques through the use of comprehensive case studies. [view & print course content summary] ACC 221 Intermediate Accounting I 3 cr.

Highlights the evolution of financial statement reporting, the conceptual framework, and GAAP analysis. Covers accounting principles and theory, including a review of the accounting cycle and accounting for current assets, current liabilities, and investments.

Also addresses wholesaler transactions and inventory, fixed assets, natural resources, and intangible assets.

Determining if your organization is an intelligent enterprise or a slow learner may be challenging, but a new index quantifies criteria in terms of data usage, workflow efficiency, and progress toward the Io T.

Successful enterprise Dev Ops transformations share several common characteristics, strategies and techniques which enable an organization to break down the transformation into smaller, achievable steps.

Focuses on the preparation of accounting information and its use in the operation of organizations, as well as methods of analysis and interpretation of accounting information.

Competency in Math Essentials MTE 1-3 as demonstrated through the placement and diagnostic tests, or by satisfactorily completing the required MTE units, or equivalent. [view & print course content summary] ACC 212 Principles of Accounting II 3 cr.

Studies cost accounting methods and reporting as applied to job order, process, and standard cost accounting systems.


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