Updating speedstream dsl ethernet modem

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I'm trying (most unsuccessfully) to upgrade the firmware on my Speedstream 4200 so that I can get full ADSL2 speed (currently getting approx 7 mbs, no where near 24 mbs).

I have just changed from Bigpond's 512 kbs service to Optus' 24 mbs DSL Direct service.

The telstra firmware does NOT set it for adsl1 and it does NOT only work with Bigpond.

I have an Optus direct connection and am running the telstra firmware with adsl2 and its running great.

Modem Status Page changes to I have at the moment BP firmware 004-D240-A6E and if update my firmware to the non locked version and for some reason if I have to change back to BP firmware Can I install the latest firmware from BP?

I dont have adsl2 only adsl Thanks Advice required please.

i've heard that you can get the firmware from the new big pond installation cds.

If possible can someone be nice and send me the firmware?

Much better than the optus firmware which had so many issues.

Full firmware name filename: Update_D240_A83_106-43_7113_v1r.ex­ ­e Page with firmwares plug in the ethernet cable to the modem and run the flash utility, worked fine for me There's no real need for the update though, this update basically gives you Telnet access to the unit and the ability to reserve IP addresses to MAC addresses.

I am downloading at a MAX of 1mbps, I am 1.3km away from my exchange, so I should be getting much better speeds?


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