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There are a few key elements to maintaining multiple successful blogs.This article will discuss some of these elements including keeping content original, keeping blogs up to date and budgeting time to work on each blog.

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Managing multiple Word Press installations can be a drag.

Go to My Sites Enter in the site address, site title and admin email for each site, keeping consistent with your existing site names.

It’s good to be absolutely sure before you click Add Site to confirm the details for each site because you don’t want to have to go back and rename your sub-domain later.

The next step is to copy the theme and plugin files from your single site installations to their respective new directories in your Multisite setup.

It’s easiest to do this via FTP or in c Panel using File Manager.

If a plugin is not supported, search for an alternative in the Word Press Plugin Repository or, better yet, have a look through WPMU DEV’s 140 plugins.

Your widget and plugins settings, as well as your preferred menu navigation, will be lost for each site and unfortunately there’s no way around this.

You will need to reconfigure these settings for each of your sites so you can get them looking exactly as they did before.

This means updating the Customize options in the Appearance While merging your sites into a Multisite installation can be a bit fiddly, once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll save heaps of time in the long run on things like installing and updating plugins and themes.

Login to each of your single sites and delete old users, unwanted posts and spam comments.


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