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On February 24, 2011, Apple discontinued offering Mobile Me at its retail stores, with Mobile Me retail boxes eventually removed from resellers as well.

When a user made a change to a contact or event on one device, it was automatically synced to the Mobile Me servers and, by extension, all the user's other devices.

Supported devices included the i Phone, Address Book and i Cal on OS X, or Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later on Microsoft Windows.

Mobile Me is an online backup system from Apple that enables you to sync data between different devices such as desktop computers, i Phone and i Pad.

Based on so-called cloud computing, Mobile Me includes several tools to sync, back up and share data online.

The question is then if you’d be willing to pay $99 a year for it.

With Mobile Me you can effortlessly sync data between your computer, i Phone and i Pad, as well as share files and photos, and locate missing devices.

Mac and i Tools) was a subscription-based collection of online services and software offered by Apple Inc.

All services were being gradually transitioned and replaced by i Cloud and the service ceased as of June 30, 2012, with transfers to i Cloud available until July 31, 2012.

All of these can be seamlessly synchronized, so that next time you get an email, create an appointment or add a new contact, the changes are updated automatically across all synced devices thanks to Mobile Me.

Other interesting tools in Mobile Me are an online storage service (i Disk), a gallery to share pictures on the web and finally Find Me, a special service to locate misplaced or stolen i Phones and i Pads, with the option to wipe them remotely and thus prevent access to your private data.

Members of Mobile Me were given a @email address (though users of the current @email address could also continue to use those, with both domains being interchangeable with the same email account), were also no longer restricted to OS X software such as Mail and i Cal, and they could access personal data from any computer connected to the Internet using the web interface at or a number of supported applications, including Microsoft Outlook, as long as the user used version 2003 or later.


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