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And if your business fell victim to this malware, there’s a possibility your company might not be able to recover from the loss.

Updating microsoft word

Which creates challenges for developers like 11trees – there are many permutations of Microsoft Word. Long-winded way of saying: who knows exactly what flavor of Office you’ve got and whether you can update it.

Updating is important, though, since Microsoft release updates to Office all the time.

In your sessions, encourage employees to practice safe computing habits, which include being cautious of online links, setting strong passwords, and avoiding downloads from untrusted and unknown sources.

Much like updating your software, keeping your staff’s security knowledge up to date on the latest threats is also imperative.

This is a feature that is enabled by default—when you add links to external sources like URLs, World with automatically update them without any prompts. "The infection vector was classic: The document (‘N_Order#with 5 random numbers) was received as an attachment and has a VT score of 12/59 this morning.

The file has an embedded link to another document which is a malicious RTF file that tries to exploit the CVE 2017-0199," security consultant Xavier Mertens explains in a blog post outlining the vulnerability.

We can update and secure your systems regularly, and make sure your staff are actively doing their part to reduce security risks.

A freelance security consultant and Handler at SANS Internet Storm Center has discovered a rather interesting exploit in Microsoft Word, one that allows an attacker to abuse the productivity program's ability to auto-update links.

But even though Dridex was inoculated relatively quickly, employees continue to be the biggest problem.

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