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Because of this, the Web Workbench doesn't do the same automatic developer-time conversion of LESS files. That said, you still these features from the Web Workbench, which is nothing to sneeze at.

UPDATE: Why my own Mac Gyver solution was brilliant in its horrible way, the folks over at World of VS have taken up the challenge and created a proper Visual Studio extension that you should use.

They eventually realize it's not in there at all, but instead you have to right-click on an ASPX page within a Web Project and click "Browse With..." From this dialog you can click Set Default, which is totally obvious, right my daimies? If this didn't work I'd open the flood gates and start sifting a bit.

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Interestingly as well, my first attempt at changing the browser programmatically consisted of this brilliance: But, it seems that those registry keys are serious and really used for something, because each time I opened Browse With... Cache File Size Bytes I'll go and develop and run this script in the Power Shell ISE (that's S for Scripting) that you already have on your computer. I've made copies of like browsers-chrome and browsers-firefox. cd C:\Users\Scott\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Visual Studio\10.0 copy '.\browsers - firefox.xml' .\browsers.xml$regkey = "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Visual Studio\10.0\Web Browser\Config Timestamp" set-itemproperty $regkey -name Last Configuration Timestamp -value (&) -type qwordset-itemproperty $regkey -name Cache File Date Last Mod -value (&) -type qwordset-itemproperty $regkey -name Cache File Size Bytes -value (&) -type dword What I am doing in this script?

I found my changes thrown away, probably because VS isn't watching for file for change notification, but rather caching the file in memory. Freaky how Microsoft sneaks stuff like this on your machine. I'm copying my browser xml over the main one AND I'm updating the Time Stamp to now to get Visual Studio to re-read the file.

(Wrox, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-470-18757-9) file into the editor, you notice immediately that the Visual Studio editor provides syntax highlighting and formats the XML document as a nicely indented tree. You have to be explicit when associating XML Schema with instance documents.

If you start writing a new XML element anywhere, you don’t have access to Intelli Sense. attribute consists of pairs of strings separated by spaces where the first string in each pair is a namespace URI and the second string is the location of the schema.

I could even install Power Console and run these commands from INSIDE Visual Studio 2010 if I like and I want to rip a hole in the space time continuum.

My, is that intellisense inside Power Shell inside Visual Studio? Still, this doesn't fit my mindless point and click mouse-like workflow. Make sure you select the right Power Shell, which will be x86 even if you're on x64 so you correctly access the registry.

See how one is more expressive (and more enjoyable) then the other? Well, Coffee Script does that for tedious Java Script code. Remember that the reality is we can't change CSS and Java Script, but we can change the Domain Specific Language that we write them in. Then layer in #defines, or perhaps just use C ..get the idea. A better, redesigned CSS that is still a super set of CSS itself. If you write this SASS, it makes sense, doesn't it? Sass uses an indentation syntax primarily but you can use brackets rather than indentations and semicolons rather than new lines. You just use scoping and indenting rules you already know and you get cleaner CSS. Less extends CSS and adds more dynamic behaviors, variables, functions and more.

This has a multiplying effect and makes your Coffee Script code more expressive and your resulting Java Script more robust. Up level your abstractions and favor the more expressive language. It's intuitive and you might even think it's CSS as it is. Because it's more complex and a more dynamic translation, LESS actually runs on the client side and is supported by a client side Java Script file called

It's been said that (some) Microsoft developers don't like to use tools or technologies that aren't built in to Visual Studio.

However, myself and others have been pushing the concept of LEGO blocks snapping together.

You may also map any keyboard shortcut for 'Re Sharper_Toggle Suspended' command in the "Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard" dialog.


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