Updating infosource in sap bw

Direct Delta: - With every document posted in R/3, the extraction data is transferred directly into the BW delta queue. A) Direct Delta, Queued Delta, Serialized V3 update, Unserialized V3 Update.

And sandbox, dev, and qas versions of most of the above?

Will transports and system copies work if different versions of Net Weaver in each? Berg: Hi Carl, There are few requirements for BW 7.3 for other systems. the old extractors still work on ERP/ECC and do not have to be upgraded.

The SAP portal still works (no need for upgrade) and APO and IP still works fine. For example, the BPC 10 upgrade requires BW 7.3 according to SAP.

Also some system copy features and some of the new HANA features are relying on BW 7.3 (most works fine with 7.0).

Q) ROOSOURCE - Table to find out delta update methods. before image & after image) Q) SMOD - Definition Q) CMOD - Project Management enhancing Q) SPAU - Program Compare Q) SE11 - ABAP Dictionary Q) SE09 - Transport Organizer (workbench organizer) Q) SE10 - Transport Organizer (Extended View) Q) SBIW - Implementation guide Q) Statistical Update? There should be min and max one start variant in each process chain, here we specify when should the process chain start by giving date and time or if you want to start immediately Some of theses processes trigger an event of their own that in-turn triggers other processes.

A) TCode is RSPC, is a sequence of processes scheduled in the background & waiting to be triggered by a specific event. Process variant (start variant) is the place the process chain knows where to start.

Berg rocked at our Xcelsius Dashboards Bootcamp in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and I’m excited to read his tips for upgrading to SAP Net Weaver BW 7.3.

Will upgrading BW before other components (ERP, portal, Solution Manager, RPM, adobe document server, SLD) break those components?

Q) How do we load the data if a Flat File consists of both Master and Transaction data?

A) Info Area â ' Infoprovider (context menu) â ' Insert characteristic Data as Data Target.

SAP BW Important Interview Questions Paper- Part - 5 Q) Does data packets exits even if you don't enter the master data, (when created)? A) Context menu of ODS â ' Manage â ' Environment â ' change log entries. A) (4) Record id, Data packet Q) Partitioning possible for ODS?


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