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It is also capable of storing WMA music files, including those which fit the Windows Media DRM 9 protected format.

It is not Plays For Sure compatible, though, meaning you won’t be able to enjoy subscription music content from some online music services.

One area in which Creative did drop the ball, however, is the earbuds.

Though they are of solid construction, they quickly became uncomfortable in my ears and needed to be removed.

What does $40 USD get you in today’s consumer electronics world? This no-frills MP3 player is set to compete against the more expensive Apple i Pod Shuffle.

While neither may interest you all that much, Creative is betting their recently released Zen Stone portable audio player will grab your eye and wallet.

Central to this control is a play/pause button, which doubles as the on/off switch.

All of these buttons offer a solid tactile response as you push them, with no lag time or feeling like the player didn’t get issued the appropriate operating command.

You are well advised to use your own earbuds — a common issue for most portable audio players on the market these days.

With its 1GB of flash memory and no expansion card options, the Zen Stone is rated to store 250 MP3s encoded at 128kbps.

You’ll want to quickly get to know what each color/blink pattern combo means so you don’t run out of battery juice while enjoying your tunes.

One notably absent feature of the Creative Zen Stone is a built-in clip.

This standard feature of the i Pod shuffle is a nice touch, and it would have been pleasant to see it in Creative’s offering as well.


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