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The body was covered with a white blanket from her bed.

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The Christmas-night murder of six-year-old beauty-pageant winner Jon Benet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado, shocked the country and turned her millionaire parents, John and Patsy, into suspects. on December 26, and the distraught and weeping mother, a former Miss West Virginia and Miss America contender, let French in.

Fleet White told us that Ramsey went directly to a small broken window on the north side of the house and paused.

Fleet said to Ramsey, ‘Hey, John, look at this.’ And John said, ‘Yeah, I broke it last summer.’ He wanted Fleet to see the window to set up an intruder theory, but no one but a small child or a midget could have crawled through that space.

With sources deep inside the investigation and among Ramsey relatives and friends, Ann Louise Bardach reveals the story behind the dreadful crime and the bitter split between the D. Patrol Officer Richard French got to the home of John and Patsy Ramsey in the tony neighborhood adjacent to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado, within seven minutes of Patsy Ramsey’s 911 call reporting that their six-year-old daughter, child-beauty-pageant winner Jon Benet, had been kidnapped. “John Ramsey directed me through the house and pointed out a three-page handwritten note which was laid on the wooden floor just west of the kitchen area,” French reported.

Subsequently, French told colleagues that he had been struck by how differently the two parents were reacting.

The ransom note warned the couple not to contact the police but to await a phone call between 8 and 10 that morning.

Arndt wrote in her report that “between and noon, John Ramsey left the house to pick up the family mail,” which she later saw him open and read. M., when no call had come, Arndt asked Ramsey and Fleet White to follow her to the kitchen.

While Patsy had wept inconsolably, a dry-eyed John Ramsey had paced incessantly.

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