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Success attracts success, beauty attracts beauty and money attracts money. But anyone with a slight inclination toward nostalgia will recall an era in which the biggest A-listers dated the biggest A-listers, creating a hybrid of influence that was truly unmatched. They were, arguably, Hollywood's most beautiful couple, and were definitely the one that garnered the most attention.

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Jennifer Lopez left Hollywood (romantically-speaking) altogether, instead turning to the world of sports for her latest love (that would be Alex Rodriguezof course).

Other A-listers still have simply chosen to date civilians.

Back in the early aughts musicians fell firmly below actors in the ladder of influence, but not anymore.

Truly no one has more influence, more glamour, more success and more than these two.

It's been eight months since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made their breakup official, and the fallout is still developing.

The actor's recent GQ Style interview brought out new questions and topics of debate for the divorce that shook Hollywood: Is Brad Pitt the victim? What's going to happen to Brad Pitt's love life now—especially what with all that pottery.

..." Ricky and Julian have been best friends since childhood and are almost codependent, with Ricky relying on his friend to guide him and keep his antics in check.

While good-natured towards his friends and family, Ricky is also selfish, foul-mouthed, volatile, and aggressive, and almost always manages to anger, offend, and alienate those around him.

What we're facing down now is the democratization of dating in Hollywood, which will hopefully give way to the democratization of Hollywood altogether.


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