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“Boys here seem to suffer from a compulsive wish for their personal freedom and relationships inhibit that,” 25-year-old Anna, who is from Berlin, told The Local.

Like most cities, Berlin has no shortage of opportunities for casual hook-ups.

The tale of Berlin’s singles is not one of isolation and lack of fulfilment - social interaction and sex are there for the taking.

Rather, it is about choosing not to compromise – not to miss out on what the city offers.

Almost a third of the city’s residents are single while more than half are living alone. So why is a city celebrated for its openness so loath to relationships?

Berlin’s free-and-easy way of life seems to be part of it.

Women in Amsterdam also generally feel safer than women in comparable Western capitals, more empowered to act independently, to go where they want and to try new things, although there is some concern at the greater risk posed to women by recent demographic changes and cultural differences of opinion with regard to rape.

Dutch women have a pragmatic approach to cheating on their partners; 27% admitted in a recent survey that they do cheat but it is considered bad form to do so with a friend or work colleague of their husband - ideally, they prefer to go and have some no-strings fun with a stranger, allowing them to get it out of their system without any possible repercussions for their home lives.

“Every one of my friends is on it now…there’s no shame in admitting it,” he says.

Tinder, which links to users’ Facebook profiles and features a game-like interface, has become the acceptable face of online dating.

The only reason they aren’t all kept in secure units, for their own safety and the good of society, is that there simply aren’t enough secure units to house half the population.


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