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i do not understand why,and this is very cofusing and upsetting why this money is taken from my bank account.

can somebody please help and give me advise please.

I emailed when I saw the first one and told them they had NO permission from me to do this and yet it has happened again. why 8s 0.39 coming out of my bank when I did not order anything . I want the payment deposit back into my bank account. You are however under investigation for Fraudulant practices, as I am not the only one. I checked my creditcard account i saw this "funtownweeke" has charged my creditcard. I intend to hound these bastards till they are out of this illegitimate business or everyone is aware of their dishonesty. Whatever it is herewith I canncel this servics to the next possible Date. I bought a free bottle of Garcinia Plus from the web and the bottle arrived although I had to pay a shipping fee of .95I am now being direct debited 5.43 each month which I did NOT authorise for the payment of any further tablets. i asked for a return address to send back my item..

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It never said anywhere in the small print that I would be buying a recurring monthly supply. I ordered a "free" trial bottle of that Garcinia Plus crappy weightloss product. I never recieved an email to say that a new supply was on its way and couldn't find anywhere where it said I could cancel it. I emailed them but I am definitely not holding my breath that they will ever get back to me. They have a 7 day cancellation period and then you are charged 29.95 (a month) to use the service. I cancelled on May 9th which was out of the 7 day period.

My advice is go to the bank and get a replacement card. Bought a pair of sneakers never received an email or invoice so thought it hadn't gone through. These mongrals scamed me when i brought an item from where they were advertising to Pes*Ks Xsy Trade 17 – $112.91Type Money Out (DEBIT)Date of Transaction (Wed)Date processed (Wed) I have the same trouble. A phone number to ring within 14 days then told ring within 21 days to cancel as I said I do not want repeats I want to try first. It's just that I can't identify this company or I did not remember I dealt with this company online. I wanted to order a pair of shoes from and i was ripped off 159.00 $ by a scam company : MANDALABALI. On my acc it showed FHT*OFFWINWIN 02887486503 from China. But then in August I got another charge of 29.95 ..October 8 and 9 a charge of 29.95.

On the 3rd Oct I was charged $4.95, $4.94 by DSKINWELLINFO. I went back through my bank satement and found a small payment to the same account. GBR (authorized) then on the 16th Oct 2017 $130.48 NOT authorized. I found that I had got a free trial of a product that never worked for me anyway and I had to pay postage (that is where they get your card number).

I paid for a hard drive from they advertise on amazon, if you type -" WD 1TB MY PASSPORT ULTRA PORTABLE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE " on amazon the site will be at the bottom of the amazon page, the second one down, It said on the site £34 but taken £36, I have put this on facebook and sent to friends and public to see to name and sham them and this should help with them being shut down, I'm also going to put it on twitter because that will help as well and I surggest you all do the same with the details you have from your bank account and web-site. I tried to call and sent email so many times but the system denied and message did not sent through. I definitely didn't order anything, answer me immediately what was the purpose of this charge.

I'm also going to contact the press in china and pass there details on to them and see if they get put on there news channel. Ref number: ARK002746806753.691 this charge pending $ 87.91 to CELMACE*FIRMTEST DATED 10-23-17 WAS NEVER AUTHORIZED BY ME IT SEEMS THIS IS SOME KIND OF SCAM, MY BANK IS BEING INFORMED TOMORROW.

Is a scam had to change my credit card number to stop further debits as well as hope my bank can overturn and reverse the payment. Hi have been charged by these 2 names SVITAGSUPPORT. COM ONLINE for Garcinia Plus and Healthy Cleanse Cleaner, the first 2 charges .38 and 9 I did know about, and did receive the goods but then 2 more charges appeared on my statement for 3.38 and 4.14, (plus of course the off shore charges) but nothing else has arrived and I didn't agree to these 2 payments how do I get my money, can any one help me. Filed formal fraud complaint with bank’s security division. So i'll be trying to get my money back and complaining. full charge description is "Vint Associates SIGNA 18005180931 CAUS" the phone number 18005180931, per internet reverse search, identifies as from China Probably result from an alert box on an internet web page that directed user to call a 1800 number for assistance from Microsoft to solve computer issue.

0.48 is alot and there is no email or receipt of that payment or invoice. Did cancel my credit card so they wont be able to get any more money from me but this has totally pissed me off Ordered Samples only. Just purchased a sport shoes on costing , but was deducted from my account under the name of Keansmall clothing. Bought a Playmobile set advertised at £29.99, seemed a good deal (maybe to good to be true in hindsight). I have looked at the confirmation email I recieved and in the small print it states that the priced advertised may be different from the price charged, due to the current exchange rate. Live person on call said Microsoft requires a fee to remotely resolve the did NOT give card info while on phone. Charge was 89.96 This organization promised a women's watch for a shipping charge of 6.99 if i filled out an opinion survey for a charter company. I have been receiving a a monthly charge from this Elec Sav referred to as Foreign Exchange Fee, but it has nothing to do with my Bank.

the customer service guy who rang me took my details and has scamed my bank account of two payments totaling 8.50. My credit card company emailed me a notice about 2 charges of 90.95 for merchandise in Atlanta, GA from Vision Point. ELL skinglow 855-464-3343 AZ was a free trial deal, that is now being charged to my credit card monthly for the amount of 7.44 USI have cancelled it by sending an email, but who knows if it will be cancelled. Hope this helps to put an end to very expensive free trial.

l would like my money back please even better finding out who the scam artist who is working for you. Thanks I have been charged for goods on my debit card which I did not order.


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