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You can gain pleasure by removal of a doyle that is a component of some unpleasant feeling., Many doyles are so unpleasant that you remain unhappy and unfilled because of the presence of these unwanted doyles in your life.

Once you remove them you will definitely feel more pleasure, more satisfied and more fulfilled.

By removing stopper doyles , those that keep from you making easy contact with new people, your social life will improve in short order. You want to be popular to be more popular to be a famous celebrity to feel praised and admired.

By removing doyles such as stopper doyles or unusual conditions such as hyhperhidrosis that alienate you from people and alienate people from you, your popularity will increase and you may find yourself becoming popular, even a celebrity. You want more pleasure to satisfy your appetite and desires to feel more fulfilled.

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Many Muslims have a misconception that having fun is Haraam.

Eating out: Everybody enjoys going out to their favorite fast food joint and enjoying a delicious chicken tikka or burger. Reading: Not everybody enjoys this but I do, there is nothing like a good book to take your mind of things and help you relax.


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