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This is a special bonus follow-up to yesterday’s article on Cash-Efficient Cars. Do they explode when they crash or actually have a higher environmental footprint than a Hummer?

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The Colorado resident lives in Denver and works in Evergreen, several thousand feet higher.

The long daily climb may be the cause of the shorter service life, since the pack becomes fully depleted each day and left in that condition during the climb, something that doesn’t happen in less extreme use (batteries hate rapid discharge cycles, and they hate being left empty).

They also convert the cars to full-fledged Electric Vehicles that you can charge in your own garage and then drive up to 40 miles on electricity alone, before the existing gas engine needs to kick in.

That conversions stuff is exciting enough to get its own article in the near future.

The most cost-effective repair comes from buying a lightly-used battery pack from a salvage yard (there are enough of these cars on the road that some get crashed fairly young, providing a great supply of replacement batteries).

It takes a mechanic 2-4 hours of labor to do the swap.Some owners of that generation are now having to replace the battery pack.In 2004, the next generation of Prius was born, with greatly improved reliability. We don’t even know, because after nine years on the road, very few of them have failed so far.Five dollar gasoline will probably exert the opposite effect whenever it arrives, so get ’em while the getting is good.Huge site, cool links and all clicks to galleries Great site with tons of great and fun links Chat with cute amateurs now! All clean site dedicated to girls with big all natural tits Our own porn reviews.A thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider the maintenance that many cars require every 250,000 miles (timing belt, transmission, etc.), it’s actually a pretty routine expense.


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