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My parents held onto their dial phone for years - they even balked at getting an extension - and I don't think they went to push bottom dialing until they were in the apartment they rented in the years before they died, if then). As for the Saturday morning question, part two: Do you still have a land line? We do, mainly because we've had the same home number for more than 20 years, and it remains a way for old friends to find us.

For that matter, with someone in your family, is that number still in use?

(Another memory, out of nowhere: I remember being in Cub Scouts, and going to the homes of kids in the group we considered rich, and they were the first families we knew to have push botton dialing. This is a little like the phone booth question we kicked around, a while ago.

And there was the wall phone, the only phone in our house, in a corner of the kitchen in a place where we'd have to squeeze past our mother and the ironing board to get at it, and any conversation we had was held - there was no other choice - directly in front of our parents. But here's the crazy thing: I forget where I put my car keys, just about every day.

I forget sometimes when my own glasses are atop my head.

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