Symantec endpoint protection not updating antivirus and antispyware protection

The Proactive Threat Protection always says "Waiting for Updates." How can I update PTP without an Internet connection?From It looks like you can copy this directory (or its Windows Vista/7 equivalent) from an updated machine to your other machine.

symantec endpoint protection not updating antivirus and antispyware protection-36

Since these settings are often targeted by the virus or malware program itself it is best to use a restricted (non-administrative) account when logged into a computer for general use.

Managed computers often will receive updates to their security program via a "push" from the domain.

Learn about the program in the March 21 issue of Dartmouth strongly encourages all users to install and keep anti-virus and malware software and virus definitions up-to-date on a regular basis as part of your computer maintenance routine.

Minimum System Requirements for Installing Symantec Endpoint Protection Your computer must meet the following minimum computer requirements: Installing Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macintosh Verify that your computer has the most current operating system updates installed before proceeding.

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URL=="")) function localizedlinks() function removediv(did) function caurllang(urllang) function arcurllang(urllang) unv=Element By Id("user-name"); if(unv) /* load CSS("https://Why can't I access or change some of my Symantec security program settings?Computers that are managed by IT staff, are connected to the CUMC IT MC domain, or limited via "rights" or credentials assigned to your computer username and login are restricted to ensure that protective settings are not changed, leaving the computer vulnerable to attack and infection.Note: If you suspect that your computer might be compromised in any fashion, we recommend the following procedure while you update your antivirus application: Download Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac OS X 10.8 (authentication required) If you have questions, please contact the IT Service Desk (Help Desk) at 603-646-2999 and select from the options provided, send email to .This utility allows you to connect to Symantec's Web site and download the latest virus definition and application updates to your computer.You should configure the software to update itself automatically on a daily basis, or at the very least, run , open the Applications folder on your hard drive, then double-click Symantec Solutions.


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