Symantec endpoint protection 12 1 not updating virus definitions dating in the dark britain

This can cause users laptops to be blocked from our VPN until they manually push the update. Symantec SEP 14 is enriched with every possibility & aspects to protect Desktops & Laptops from Unnecessary malware programs. Document, Video & Library file Password write protection program. Protocol wise filtering process Bitcoin, Torrent & Pay Pal protocol.It provides complete flexibility to the administrator.Client policy is almost infinitely tweakable from a central console—practical for large enterprises but a bit of overkill for the average small business. The patches can be pushed enterprise-wide with ease. For an Enterprise protection software, that is the key selling point.

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The antivirus protection is dependable and the firewall is flexible yet extensive enough to offer a solid protective layer.

This is great software for small and mid sized companies but this does require an administrator with a solid understanding of your network and your business rules.

I would recommend it to all organizations for securing their business networks without spending a lot.

Currently, it can be only be deployed as on-premise solution, so it is not suitable for organizations looking for a on-demand solution.

This is the most comprehensive centrally managed endpoint security solution for businesses.

It includes a host-based intrusion protection system (HIPS), device control, anti-malware, a network IPS, and a software firewall.

Annual fees is somehow expensive when you have large number of workstations to be managed.

sometimes you need to push the group policy (Rules) manually to managed workstation if you updated it and don't need to wait until automatic update but it is not a big deal.

-Managing Workstation resources and ports is so great feature.

-Automatic reporting at your hand whenever you need.

Regarding antivirus solutions, Symantec has nothing to prove yet but the company is still doing a very good job in that industry.

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