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Of course I want Idris Elba to play James Bond, but he couldn’t be called 007.He’d have to be 009 or even 0010 or 0011 with his big black cock. Anyway, I agree it’s hard to believe that Daniel Craig would turn down that money.

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Polyamorous/Shared Wife – this type of cuckold allows his wife or girlfriend to have sexual relationships or sexual encounters where she doesn’t necessarily let him watch or hear about the encounters 10.

Fusion – fusion cuckolds have fused several of the cuckolding types, such as Traditional Voyeur with Small Penis with Humiliation 11.

Hanna Bouveng was hired by Benjamin Wey to work for his finance firm in Manhattan.

One of Wey’s specialties was to buy out struggling corporations which had already been traded on the stock exchange and sell them to Asian companies looking for a fast track to get on the stock exchange without going through the usual channels.

Cuckold and its abbreviated form cuck aren’t being held true to the original definition and context perpetuated across many centuries.

Perhaps there is a reason why our culture is categorizing beta males as cucks.I read an article where it was stated he might be making a clever ploy for a bigger payday in his producer’s role for the next two Bond films, but realistically, how much more is going to be enough when you are talking about a standing 0 million offer? In reality, I don’t think Elba will be selected, as much as women all over the world are clamoring for him to be the next Bond.You can feel the cuckold burn already can’t you, if Elba were chosen as the sexiest spy alive?Dear Cuckoldress Sara, I am not sure you have been following the drama around the potential new James Bond actor selections?The frontrunners are all UK actors: Idris Elba (Luther), Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager) and Damian Lewis (Homeland).He does not want to see the sex scene as it may be too intense and humiliating for him to experience in person 3.

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